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ArcaOS on a HP EliteBook 840 G3?

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I have a HP EliteBook 803 G3 that I am trying to install the ArcaOS 5 on. I have an USB optical disc drive attached. the laptop doesn't have an operating system on it; none whatsoever. I got it to seemingly boot from the USB optical drive but it doesn't seem to go farther than that. I tried to get it to boot from the optical drive but it doesn't. could my optical disc be a problem? should I make another disc? should I try making a bootable USB flash drive? what size flash drive should I use?  8)

I am looking forward to using ArcaOS on this laptop. Any help given will be appreciated. Thanks.

Neil Waldhauer:
Don't forget to go into BIOS and make the required changes.

You need Legacy boot, CSM and to disable hyperthreading.

It is not easy going to the settings but I don't remember seeing those but I will check again.

Thanks for the information.

Power on the computer, immediately and repeatedly press and release the ESC key until System menu shows up, if System menu shows up, press F10.

Thanks. I will give that a try.


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