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Eugene Tucker:
I don't think that was read correctly. Here is the CPU support comment..."Intel Pentium Pro or higher, or an AMD K6 or higher. 64 Bit CPUs are supported (however ArcaOS will run in 32-bit mode). Computers with ARM CPUs are not supported. The Vortex86 CPU is not sufficiently compatible to run ArcaOS and is not supported."

Dave Yeo:
Mass storage devices need partitioning and LVM info added if over 2GB in size. See https://www.arcanoae.com/wiki/usb/preparing-usb-msd-disks/

Tiny Frogware:
For what it's worth, I can confirm through my own "trials and tribulations" that this indeed the case when it comes to USB storage devices  > 2GB. I learned this after trying to transfer some of my personal files from my WinTel machine to my newly installed ArcaOS 5.0.7 laptop via a USB drive. I originally partitioned and formatted it under Windows 11 as FAT32 but no success reading under ArcaOS.. Finally discovered the info that Dave linked to above and partitioned and formatted it under ArcaOS using the LVM, then plugged it back into my WinTel box to copy the needed files, plugged it back into my ArcaOS  laptop and was able to successfully transfer the needed files.


The weirdest thing is that it is not recognising a <2GB drive that the ECS build does. I need to investigate more. I also want to convert the SATA drive to an M.2 drive - I have some spares floating about, all 250-256GB in size, 3 by SATA keyed and 1 by NVMe keyed and change the GPU to a Quadro P2000 - just makes for a tidier build once in a case :)

Thanks all for looking in, really appreciate it.

Performed a disk copy from Standard SATA 2.5" SSD to a Samsung PM871B M.2 SATA device using DFSee. Interesting thing about the Asus WS X570 Pro ACE (long winded I know), but it will only support a SATA M.2 in the first slot nearest the CPU.
Sorted the USB mass storage by changing the Config.sys, I had to update the line for USBMSD to allow for greater than 0 removable devices. That one had me flummoxed for a while.


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