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Kevin Morgan:
Hello everyone!

I'm not well versed enough in understanding how the SNAP or PANORAMA drivers function to get the most out of them. I feel like there might be a limitation incurred by my configuration of hardware.

I am using a Lenovo Thinkcentre M93P. Previously it was hooked up to VGA and running at 1680x1050; when I moved everything went into storage and the monitor left my possession. I reinstalled ArcaOS when I took everything out of storage, and I can't seem to get the resolution above 1024x768.

The only difference is the monitor and using DisplayPort vs. VGA as far as I can tell. I tried to set custom resolutions in Panorama and they simply do not take effect. In SNAP, I tried using gamon add - but it refuses with 'failed to add'.

Are there ways I can have it force the resolution? I know the card supports it, and the monitor (a 4k monitor) also supports many resolutions with an optimal of 3840x2160. Snap detects the monitor as an HP-ALL-IN-ONE which it is an Envy 32".

Any thoughts?


What version of OS/2 are you using?   I have a Hanns-G 28 inch monitor running at 1920x1200 with the panorama version with ArcaOS, prior to that I got the same resolution with snap drivers and OS/2 warp 4.

Dave Yeo:
Can you revert to VGA to test? I tried DisplayPort here, Intel Ivy Lake graphics and some things just didn't work so I reverted to VGA. Seems the video BIOS just didn't support DisplayPort the same as VGA.

Kevin Morgan:
ivan: Running the latest version of ArcaOS, sorry for excluding that! The previous monitor was also an HP but maxed at 1680x1050.

Dave Yeo: I don't have a VGA Input on this monitor so I will have to possibly find an active VGA output to HDMI input? Currently using a DP->HDMI (which was rated up to 4k). Unless anyone can think of anything else, I think it is likely right that the Bios likely isn't handling the DP the same as the VGA.


I see Dave has given you part of the answer but I have another question, what video output ports does your unit have and also what input ports does the monitor have?

I ask for the simple reason that my units have VGA, DVI  and HDMI output and the monitors have DVI and HDMI inputs and video works at full resolution of the monitors (1920x1200) without problems.  One thing I will say , all my computers have AMD Ryzen processors with inbuilt video and never had problems with OS/2 Warp 4 or ArcaOS.


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