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I have a problem. 
I have just moved to fibre from my internet supplier which is great but the the DHCP server in the freebox is set for 192.168.1.xxx and my old network is/was set for 192.168.0.xxx.  The change over on my Linux boxes was simple, just fill out a new profile and I was back on air - not so simple for OS/2 or ArcaOS. I spent a couple of hours tracking down every instance where the old subnet was mentioned and physically changing the refference.

Now the question, is there a simple way to do this change over on OS/2 and ArcaOS?  If so please let me in on the secret.


You can use tcpcfg2 to update your lan interface having defined dhcp server ip@
or without specifying ip@, you can start dhcp client (default arcaos i think)
Usage: dhcpstrt [ -d maxwait] [-i lan<#>]
  Starts DHCP client & waits for it to setup ip address.
  Maxwait is the time in seconds rounded to 5 seconds.
  If not specified, the interval defaults to 45 seconds.
  lan<#> specifies the interface requiring dhcp configuration.

e.g. dhcpstrt -i lan0 -d 0

review your \mptn\bin\setup.cmd

Andy Willis:
If you are using dhcp, you should not have to do much.  If the machine is off, turning it on will get an IP on the right subnet.  If it is on, you will need to dhcpmon -t to kill the dhcp client, then ifconfig lan0 down - ifconfig lan0 delete then the dhcpstrt -i lan0 -d 0 that Remy referenced (or reboot instead of all that)  If you are using a static IP, you can use tcpcfg2 as Remy stated, or edit the \mptn\bin\setup.cmd directly that Remy referenced (fixing the ifconfig and route statements).  You'll then need to ifconfig lan0 down ifconfig lan0 delete and run setup.cmd (or reboot instead of all that after editing the setup.cmd).
It is easier than I make it sound there, but I don't know whether you are using dhcp or static.

Thanks Remy and Andy,  I will know more tomorrow when the the full fibre box arrives.  At the moment I have a box that the fibre plugs into piggy backing in the adsl box which might be causing the problem of not being able to do anything with the dhcp server (this box is stuck on with no way ti change that). 

Hello Ivan
You could have problems not with the OS2, if not with the new router. Especially if you have fixed IP. Router come with a default settings, assigning an IP range for DHCP, and another fixed IP range. Which can be different from one router to another. If you put the computers like DHCP, you take away many problems of this type. I only have IP fixed on printers.
To change IP fixed to DHCP, you just have to open Network-> TCP/IP and select enable interface and Automatic, used DHCP and push on ok button. And restart the system.
If you want to keep the IP fixed, you may have to modify your router's IP ranges.
As you had them in your previous router.


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