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Martin Iturbide:

I had been editing some C code for some PM samples/demos I want to compile. (there is another thread about it).
But I'm not sure about the Text editor I'm using, I use STE (Qt) but it has an ugly bug to reload files that it always show, so I'm open for suggestion.

If possible want a text editor that:
- Have the line counter on the left - Mandatory  ;D
- That have "tabs" on the top to switch between open files
- If it puts colors on the C code.¨
- Easy file reload, if the file changes while it is open (to check logs)

I really liked STE because of that "File Explorer" (Pic attached) thing that it has, but that "Reload Bug" is killing me, and it seems that STE is no longer being developed.

Please let me know your suggestions. I don't want to start a text editor war of what is better, just let me know what you like and I will try it out.


Doug Clark:
I use LxPM 4 - it is bundled with VisualAge C++ version 4. 

I am not sure what you mean about a reload thing.

You can turn on/off line numbers.  If line numbers are on you can enter some commands in the line numbers area, like ISPF of old.

It also doesn't have tabs for open files, but it has a drop-down list at the top (or bottom) for all the files that are open which you can use for switching between file.  And it shows you which ones have been modified since they were last saved.  The two features I really like are:  1) find/change can optionally work on all open files,  2) you can split the view of a file so that you can scroll to two different areas of the file at the same time - and modify both areas of the file if you need.  Don't use the split all that often, but sometimes you really need it.

It doesn't have the "file explorer" thing, but what I do is open a WPS folder in details view on the side and drag/drop from the folder into the editor to open files.

Plus you can write macros in Rexx.  And extend the editor with C.

The downsides are:
not as pretty as STE
If you want to use help for the editor you have to install the VisualAge C++ 4.0 help system and Netscape Explorer

Dave Yeo:
I mostly use FC/2 and eFTE/2, which comes in text and PM versions and seems to have most all what you require, plus it's a folding editor, fold functions to make editing easy. Can be setup to run make etc as well.

Andy Willis:
If you can find a copy (it does not appear to be sold, it can be found by poking around a bit) of Visual Slickedit, it does a fair job.
Dariusz Piatkowski created VSE_ModernTheme_0-6.zip, (on hobbes) which allows VSE to recognize many more OS/2 specific calls for highlighting.  The main thing that keeps me from using it more regularly is that it does not get along with my scroll wheel properly (no matter which direction I scroll the wheel, it goes the same direction that it was last direction the scroll arrow key was clicked).
It does not have tabs, but does show open files on the left. 
As I recall, there is a configuration change to the mouse settings that would allow the VSE to scroll correctly but works poorly (to me) in everything else then.  If not for the fact that I use the scroll wheel so much that it becomes a real pain, I'd use VSE all the time.
It may work better with amouse but amouse has yet to work well with Thinkpad middle mouse button.  WIth the IBM mouse driver, I use PM Scroll option, which I greatly prefer over Use Simulated keys (arrows or page up/down) which does work as desired in VSE.

Jochen Schäfer:
FeatherPad works just fine as a editor and has your desired specs.
Beware CMD/REXX and config.sys: FP will save them with incorrect file endings, if you simply save. "Save as" and selecting the correct encoding and file ending works. But I tend to forget that (being ctrl+s trigger happy), so I choose EPM or FC/2 for this kind of files.


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