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ArcaOS 5.0.8 is out!

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David McKenna:
 Just installed - worked great once I figured out to have ACPI load before NVME in the installer (can't boot NVME on this machine in CSM mode). It has a new Kernel too, although I can't find any info about what is new in it...


Dave Yeo:
The kernel has some memory fixes, mostly for certain UEFI systems with fragmented memory IIRC.

Martin Iturbide:

For the moment everything is working fine here. I installed it on a VM (VirtualBox). Maybe this weekend I will try to update my Thinkpad L420.


Rick Smith:
In order to upgrade is a reinstall necessary? Or is there an upgrade path for arca?

Thank You


David McKenna:

  You can update... one of the early pages in the install has an option for update if it detects an install of ArcaOS (but not eCS or Warp). In my case, I had to put the AHCI driver ahead of the NVME driver in the pre-install menu to get it to detect my ArcaOS install. Not sure why they put the NVME in front of AHCI, but they did...



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