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ArcaOS 5.0.8 is out!

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Hi Rick,

What do you mean it 'wiped out your drive'?  It shouldn't touch anything but your boot partition unless you made the whole drive as one partition.

My setup has several partitions, see attached, plus 2 other 2 tb drives.  That setup is from the days of OS/2 Warp v4 with the only changes being to the 'C' boot partition.

Eugene Tucker:
My one upgrade did not go well. The full clean install on a new computer did. Other problems no QT5 apps would run. Firefox Seamonkey and Thunderbird would not run And Apache Open Office as well.

Sorry, but my philosophy is 'if it is working why change it, unless there is some earth shattering innovation'.

Since no one has mentioned earth shattering like dumping rpm/yum for warpin wpi there is nothing to get excited about.

Eugene Tucker:
Ivan, I disagree. The fact you can install with out issue to a NVMe drive is pretty important. That and there sre specialized installs for the audio drivers. Sometimes it is a little upgrade that is why the .00 designation. But It is up to you.

I had no problems installing on to a M.2 stick although I will say doing that seems to preclude using a normal HD for storage.


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