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ArcaOS 5.0.8 is out!

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Eugene Tucker:
So an M.2 SSD can be SATA-based, PCIe-based with NVMe support, or PCIe-based without NVMe support. An M.2 SSD with NVMe support offers up to five times more bandwidth than SATA M.2 models, bringing better performance in key tasks, such as file transfers, video or photo editing, transcoding, compression and decompression. So which is yours?

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Eugene Tucker on June 29, 2023, 10:05:06 pm ---Ivan, I disagree. The fact you can install with out issue to a NVMe drive is pretty important.

--- End quote ---

Did you check your config.sys, namely the acpi.psd line after installing? Seems there's a bug that leaves the /VW option.

Eugene Tucker:
Dave yes I did.

Eugene,  I must confess I haven't a clue about what type of M.2 the stick I'm using is.  It was salvaged from a windows 11 computer that caught fire, don't ask how, I just cleaned it up which took off all distinguishing marks then used the replacement computer to run DFSee to wipe it and partition it before trying it in my computer.

I was surprised that it worked and is still working.  It starts up faster than any other comp I have but I did have to fiddle with the bios to get it accepted.


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