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ArcaOS 5.0.8 is out!

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Tiny Frogware:
Just updated my Acer Aspire Ultrabook with the new 5.0.8 release and the update went fine and everything seems to be running as good as ever.



Holger Schuett:
Hi, installed the new release today but ran in a lot of trouble.
So first question here: did anyone try a fresh install on real hardware with snap choosen as video driver.
I tried to install on an lenovo x201s with snap but in the second phase of the installation the system constantly crashe. Seems to be a problem with snap. I was able to install using gengradd, then installed snap from the iso, same crash. Switched back to VGA, then installed snap from a previous version, worked?
As the x201s seems a little bit tricky I would like to know if anyone else has the same problem before opening a ticket.

Roderick Klein:
If you do not run SNAP use Panorama and not Gengradd. Panorama provides better performance.

Eugene Tucker:
On fresh installs on all my B550 based boards I get through the Ist phase and then it rebooted and the screen is dark with a blinking cursor in the upper left side.

Holger Schuett:

--- Quote ---If you do not run SNAP use Panorama and not Gengradd. Panorama provides better performance.
--- End quote ---
Hi Roderick,
I know performance is better with panorama but there are other reasons for me to use snap:
This is a laptop and power management is bad enough with arcaos ( as it was with ecs too). So unsing snap at least gives me some possibilities, for example DPMS and the option to turn off the screen after a while. Withe the last release of arcaos I was able to dim the screen with fn +function keys (Acpi related I guess). I don not do to many things which would need a better vidoe performance.
Apart from this the question is why I am not longer able to install using snap although snap can be selected as vidoe driver in the setup.



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