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AOO4.11.1/Firefox/Seamonkey trouble

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Per E. Johannessen:
I always get the errors when opening existing files.

Creating and saving a new spreadsheet works but reopening the new file generates the error "Not all attributes could be read".

Opening a text documents gives "General error". Creating a new text document and trying to save it also results in "General error",
still the document is saved and I can reopen it but get the general error.

Neil Waldhauer:
I can open text documents and spreadsheets. I used these prerequisites:

libc libgcc1 libgcc-fwd openssl curl libjpeg libxslt libicu zlib libxml2 mmap pthread urpo libstdc++6 libstdc++ uclip ft2lib expat

I marked all code sections to load high.

Per E. Johannessen:
Somewhat embarrassing, but ..... I installed AOO from a directory with lots of zip and wpi files and the installation program found the file AOO-41110-GA-rpm.wpi which resulted in downgrading lots of dll's in usr\lib.  Used ANPM to update the libs mentioned in the readme.txt and the errors seem to be gone.


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