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Tiny Frogware:

  I was wondering if anyone had attempted to port Innoextract to OS/2? For those not familiar with it, it's an open source tool to unpack install/setup files created for Windows by Inno Setup. You can read more about Innoextract here:


 I'm interested in a version for OS/2 so that I can extract my games purchased from Good Old Games, http://www.gog.com and run them under OS/2 using Dosbox/2. Gog has them packaged to install under Windows and run with a Win version of Dosbox. I could install on a Win machine and copy the files over to my Os/2 box, but would rather not.

  The Innoextract tool also runs under many flavors of Linux. I think the main roadblock in porting it would be the Boost C++ libraries it depends on. Boost is open source too and it would need to be ported to OS/2 as well.

  I welcome thoughts and opinions from all. I would love to try porting it myself but not sure where to start or if it's even viable.



Martin Iturbide:
Hi Tony.

Sorry that I don't know about how to port.

About the GOG games, how does they came package? Is it an .exe windows file? if so, have you tried with Odin to see if they unpack. Just try "pe <filename>.exe".


Dave Yeo:
I tried innoextract.exe with Odin, just silently exits. Wonder how much of Boost it needs? Just the headers or some of the libraries.

Tiny Frogware:
Thanks for the replies guys.

 The Gog files are indeed Windows .exe's but unfortunately no luck running them successfully under Odin. And as Dave mentions, Innoextract doesn't work any better under Odin.

 From what I've read, most of the Boost libraries are just headers only, however, as luck would have it the 5 specific libraries needed to build Innoextract, are not. They include iostreams, filesystem, date_time, system and program_options. Although system is just a stub library provided for compatibility so it's actually header only now.

  I'm still reading and researching on porting this. I'm going to see how far I can get. Hopefully it will end with success. Again, thoughts, opinions, etc. are always welcome.



Paul Smedley:
Almost builds for me, 1x missing symbol:
Undefined Symbol                Referenced by
================                =============

__ZN5boost9iostreams6detail10bzip2_base3endEbSt9nothrow_t U:/tmp\ldconv_chunk_cpp_o_7ca64883fce1eb5a0.obj(U:\DEV\innoextract-1.9\src\stream\chunk.cpp)

Seems my boost build has no bzip support....


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