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AN posted pricing for 5.1

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Martin Iturbide:

Your opinions are all respected and valuable. I personally think that even if you don't have an UEFI hardware, it will be good to install version 5.1, just from the point of view of supporting Arca Noae and the evolution of the platform. But mine is only a personal opinion and everybody is free to do what they feel comfortable with. There will be people that will jump into 5.1 on the first day, and some other will take more time, that's up to you. I want to try to jump to 5.1 on the first day if time permits it.

Of course, in the case of some ArcaOS 5.0.x on a important production business machine, it is logical that some further testing with 5.1 will be required before upgrading. But that is not my case.

But the important thing remains: We need ArcaOS 5.1 to get released first  ;D


Tiny Frogware:

--- Quote from: Doug Bissett on June 19, 2023, 07:11:55 pm ---
The DOS/WinOS2 support only works in UEFI mode. If your machine doesn't support UEFI, it isn't going to change anything.

You are correct, that purchasing a copy will help support the overall effort, but it may not make sense to upgrade, if you can't make use of the new features.

Note the terminology:
UPDATE: change drom a 5.0.x version to a later 5.0.x version.
UPGRADE: Change from a 5.0.x version to a 5.1.x version.

--- End quote ---

My machine does indeed support UEFI, so I'm good in that respect. And I'm also aware of the difference between update and upgrade but thanks anyway.



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