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Arca Noae services offline


Lewis Rosenthal:
Hi, everyone.

Unfortunately, we had a fiber cut yesterday around 3:00pm EDT. We are currently awaiting a truck roll to splice it and get us reconnected to the rest of the world. Rest assured, Arca Noae is still hard at work, and we should be back online before the middle of the day tomorrow (Friday, June 23).

At present all Arca Noae services are inaccessible (email, main website, bug tracker, FTP, SVN).

Lewis Rosenthal:
I am relieved to report that as of 1:25 EDT today, all hosted services are back up and online. The fiber cut has been repaired, and things should return to normal as soon as we get through processing all of the "are your servers down?" email messages.  :)

Hmm, I thought you went down because demand for 5.1 was extremely high..... One can dream a little.

Thanks for the update.

I was hoping the website was offline because 5.1 was getting ready for release   ;D

I just tried it and it is up but no 5.1 so far.


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