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I am moving and have to get rid of a lot of items including OS/2 stuff.
Problem? Living in Vienna, Austria, Europe means heavy shipping cost.

But here is the list anyway:

Burge-Celi - Advanced OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming
Deitel-Kogan - The Design of OS/2
ITSC Redbook - OS/2 Installation Techniques - The CID Guide (incl. CD)
ITSC Redbook - OS/2 REXX - From Bark to Byte (incl. Disc)
Microsoft - LAN Manager - A Programmer's Guide
Microsoft - OS/2 Programmers Reference Volume 1
Microsoft - OS/2 Programmers Reference Volume 2
Microsoft - OS/2 Programmers Reference Volume 3
Microsoft Systems Journal (May 1987)
Orfali-Harkey - Client-Server Programming with OS/2 2.0
Petzold - Programming the OS/2 Presentation Manager
SAMS - OS/2 Warp Unleashed - Deluxe Edition (incl. CD)
SAMS - Real World Programming for OS/2 2.1 (incl. Disc)
Wiley - Programming the OS/2 Warp Version 3 GPI (incl. Disc)
Winn - OS/2 Presentation Manager GPI

OS/2 Warp - Blue Spine
IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2
DB2 Universal Database Enterprise Edition 7.1 (only 5 CDs)
OS/2 1.0 + OS/2 LAN Server (4+1 non-Original Discs)
IBM Operating System/2 Toolkit and Sample Programs 1+2 (1988) (2 Original Discs)
OS/2 1.1 Enterprise Edition (13 non-Original Discs)
IBM The Developer Connection Device Driver Kit for OS/2 (CD, still shrink-wrapped)
IBM Developer Connection for LAN Systems Volume 10 (1996) (2 CDs)
IBM Developer Connection for AIX Volume 10 (1996) (1 CD
OS/2 Online Book Collection (1993)

I have no idea if the discs are still readable and as I have no drive anymore I can not check it myself.


do you sell in parts or just as a whole? What price do you imagine?

I also live in Austria.

Kind regards

Everything is gone except
OS/2 Warp - Blue Spine
IBM VisualAge C++ for OS/2

And it's gone.

Martin Iturbide:
Congratulation steigerm !!!

It's good the see that all your OS/2 stuff got a new home !!



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