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Thinkpad T420


Jochen Schäfer:
Now I have a T480, so my trusty old T420 (german keyboard) has to go.

It has an HDD with 120 GB capacity, and a mSATA SSD also with 120GB.
Memory is 6GB. It has the i5-2520M CPU and the 1600x900 14.1" display.
It also comes with a docking station.
I removed the Wifi white list from the BIOS and installed an Intel 5100, such that you can use GenMac with this card, cf
One speaker cover is missing, but the speaker works fine, cf

I will wipe the drives, before I ship the computer.

Make me an offer, and we will work it out.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Jochen, good luck with the sale.

You (and the machine) are in Europe, right? I think it is to good to specify that just in case.

Good Luck !!

Jochen Schäfer:
Ah, yes. In Germany to be precise.


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