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Why doesn't Bitwise answer my email? They did and I apologise to them.

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Eugene Tucker:
I built a new new computer in installed Arrca OS 5.08 from the ground up. I have lost my copy of the latest version of Apache Openn Office I have contacted Bitwise twice about getting another copy sent to me but they have so far ignored me. If you have a business and run it properly you will allocate time and resources for support and issues. I have given them money with every new realease. This is not good business. I know the market is both small and slow, but you don't help it by being negligent.

Silvan Scherrer:
because you mail always bounces. all mails to comcast bounce here. Why I have no idea.

Eugene Tucker:
Thank yo for the quick response. This is not good. I will try gmail or outlook. Sorry for my rant.

Hi Eugene,
Are you saying you don't have a backup of all installed software you have.  I have two NAS boxes one is for the software I have so I can reinstall if needed, the other has disk partition images created  by DFSee in case a disk goes down so I can replace the disk and restore the partitions.

Eugene Tucker:
Ivan, I do have a backup of all my installed software but it seems I forgot Apache Open Office of some reason and I would like another copy.


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