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Do we have a program that gives ALL the hardware information especially the make and model of the motherboard?  I am looking for something like the windows Speccy program (see attachment taken from my win data logger box).  Hardware explorer does most things but for some reason does not give the motherboard info.

Dariusz Piatkowski:
Hi ivan,

I like what Sysinfo/2 does.

The older version (0.8.4) is a little problematic for me, however the test 0.9.0 version works nice, other than the fact that it's not fully finished.

Take a look at some screenshots.

Neil Waldhauer:
Testlog.exe does quite a bit, but does not try to present it. It just makes a big log file.

Hi Dariusz, 
Where did you get the 0.9.0 version?  It shows most of what I want and should not be too much of a problem for non computer experts to use (they just use computers and that is about it).
The reason I need the information is at my age I don't want to travel several hundred kilometres to trouble shoot a simple problem which I could do over the phone if I knew what the motherboard was.  An example was one person couldn't use the front USB 3.0 sockets because the MB didn't have the 20 pin header so they weren't connected to anything (solved by using a converter cable that allowed them to be connected to two spare 9 pin headers.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ivan

You can get SysInfo/2 version 0.9.0 Beta from here: https://en.ecomstation.ru/projects/sysinfo/download/SysInfo_20160329.wpi

I also use PCI.exe (Command line tool) to get hardware information. I have this little article about getting hardware information.



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