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As an alternative, if you cannot get VBox functioning, VirtualPC for OS/2 runs all older Microsoft OS's and SVista runs most of them.

Is Sivsta perhaps already abandonware that it could be made available to the general public and archived?

Roderick Klein:
Svista has never become abandonware. It now is part of Parallels workstation for the Mac. The issue is that the code is still owned by Parallels now.


Anyone know how to attach USB devices in vBox? I used lsusb to find the device but vBox will not attach it

Bernhard Pöttinger:
I have a lot virtual machines running under vbox in arcaos:

 - OS/2 Warp4, Warp3, ArcaOS 5.0.7
 - FreeDOS, MSDOS 7-5, Win98
 - WinNT, WinXP, Windows 7
 - Debian Linux, Arch32 Linux, Slitaz Linux, OpenStep

I use the OS4kernel, because this one is supporting VTX.



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