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Programs that doesn't run


Martin Iturbide:

I have this REXX game that does not run.

It give an error:

--- Quote ---[C:\HOME\DESKTOP\JP\GAME\CARD\Seven_0-01]seven
    SEVEN for OS/2 PM
       Release 0.01

Copyright (c) 1994, Altair
    All rights reserved.

To exit this game...
        1) Press 'Break' key with 'Ctrl' key.
        2) If SEVEN's dialogue-box has been openned, push 'OK' button of it.
    21 +++   Call VInit;
REX0043: Error 43 running C:\HOME\DESKTOP\JP\GAME\CARD\Seven_0-01\seven.cmd,
line 21: Routine not found


--- End quote ---

Let me know if there is a way to run it.


Laurence Pithie:
Vinit is the vrexx initialization routine. vrexx needs to be installed(as a minimum vrexx.exe, vrexx.dll, and devbase.dll in the same directory as the game should work)

Martin Iturbide:
It worked. Thanks !!


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