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ArcaOS 5.1 - First Impressions

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Martin Iturbide:

I would like to know your first impressions since ArcaOS 5.1 was recently released. It would be great if the brave ones to try ArcaOS 5.1 first will share:
- Experience with the UEFI supporting, turning off any CSM (Compatibility Mode) and just running with UEFI mode in real hardware
- Report UEFI hardware, even if it was already reported, but now turning on the UEFI option.
- Report DOS VDM and Win-OS2 support with UEFI support turned.
- Any other thing you may experience or that you want to share.


Update: I will like to congratulate Arca Noae and the people involved on this release. Even that right now there are some server problems to get the software, I need to express my joy about this important milestone.

Rick Smith:

Id love to test it as soon as it allows me to purchase, their servers are so slow the payment times out and I cannot purchase...




Thinking of putting together a new system and will try 5.1.0 then.

No doubt de-selecting DOS support during install will result in some bits of DOS getting installed and need a manual cleanup after install.



Eugene Tucker:
Just finished burning the DVD. Will report As soon as I can.

Eugene Tucker:
My CSM upgrade went smoothly. I have tried to creat a USB stick for future attemps but it complain there is not enough room for ARCAINST.ISO.


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