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Firefox or Dooble for the OS2World Forum

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Martin Iturbide:

I need to ask this because I haven't updated the OS2World forum script and I found out long time ago the SMForum 2.1.x is incompatible with Firefox 45 (There is an issue on the reply text box where you can not see the text menu options). If I update the script we all require to change to Dooble. So I need to know.


Dave Yeo:
I usually use SeaMonkey, with scripting disabled.

Andy Willis:
I primarily use SeaMonkey. 

Alex Taylor:
I generally use whatever browser I have open, on whatever system (OS/2, Linux, or Windows) I happen to be working at.  Most often that's some version or other of Firefox.

Neil Waldhauer:
I like browsing OS/2 World with Firefox 45.

Dooble is too light on features to be a comfortable browser. Last November at Warpstock we talked about needing bookmarks and saved passwords as the basic features that a browser should have. Filling out forms automatically is nice, but not really needed.


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