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Rick Smith:

I have used arcamapper to connect to my NAS no issues there.  How can I share say a tmp dir on the arca box to say windows 11 so I can just drop stuff in there...



I don't think you can bu what you describe. Arca mapper is just another name for SAMBA and has the same limitations.  When I need to transfer data from my windows datalogger I use ftp which also works with Linux Mint.

Dave Yeo:
Samba should be quite capable of doing what Rick wants, I've done similar with Win 10 where it was mostly a matter of matching passwords and workgroup. I think Win 11 (and perhaps later Win 10) changed how workgroups work. Someone here should know how.

ArcaMapper does work with SMB. I have a Samba share on my Ubuntu box where I defined the username, password, directory share and workgroup. I then told ArcaMapper what that info is and it mounts the remote share as a drive on Arca OS.

Dariusz Piatkowski:

I think what you are asking about pertains to running a Samba server on the OS/2 side so that you can share one of your local directories, yes?

I do not have this configured here, but that server component does certainly exist and can be deployed. Not sure though if ArcaMapper, or NetDrive for that matter have any bearing on that functionality: in other words, the Samba server config is entirely manual and separate from those two.

To accomplish what you are talking about I found it much easier to create a separate share on my NAS box which is accessible by all other LAN devices. I use that as my exchange gateway and that does not require me to run the Samba server on my OS/2 box.

Granted, that approach works b/c I do NOT need to dynamically share massive amounts of OS/2 data.


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