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Alex Taylor:
FWIW, there are two separate components in question.

* ArcaMapper is a client tool that uses components of both Samba and Netdrive to allow ArcaOS to access shares on another computer. It does not allow sharing ArcaOS resources out to other computers. ArcaMapper is not the same thing as Samba, although it makes use of a specialized subset of Samba.
* Samba (generally referred to in ArcaOS as Samba Server) is an actual port of Samba which does allow sharing of local resources out to other computers. This seems to be the functionality you are asking about.
Both are included with ArcaOS, although Samba Server may not be installed by default depending on the installation personality you chose. (It can be installed after the fact.)

Here's some information I found on Samba. I will try this out later today myself.


I was able to install the Samba server package from the netlabs.org distribution site. I can see the shares fine from my Mac and I am able to transfer files. I need to configure some of the user accounts but it works.


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