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Arca 5.1 on The Register

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Roderick Klein:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on September 04, 2023, 09:25:43 pm ---Linux used to come with "How to"s such as dual,triple and quadruple booting with OS/2, Linux, Dos and Win95. Basically do all partitioning with OS/2 fdisk, add stuff to Bootmanager and do an advanced Linux install to the pre-formatted partitions. Basically the same as now besides using lvm instead of fdisk. Don't have to screw with lilo anymore too.
Things seem to have gone backwards

--- End quote ---

Did you ever try a GPT install ?

I need to be more precise its not per se the MBR disc layout that is picky. Its the LVM.DLL from IBM that marks disc and paritions tables all to quickly as corrupt and you can no longer do anything with the disc anymore with LVM.  But also the problem that if a disc is bigger then 512 GB you need to create all partitions with ArcaOS. Otherwhise you only have 512 GB of the disc you can access.

GPT has no of these shrort comings.




Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on September 04, 2023, 07:28:39 pm ---

--- Quote ---But there are downsides too. It is extremely finicky about disk partitioning, so you can more or less forget about dual-booting it with anything else except DOS. Don't try partitioning a disk with Linux tools such as GParted – do it entirely in ArcaOS. Either dedicate a machine to it, or put FreeDOS in a small C: partition and nothing else.
--- End quote ---

Yes, it is "finicky" (I needed to check the translator for that word). But I was able to dual Windows 10 with ArcaOS 5.0.x, but the process is not as easy as 1-2-3.  Gotta try with ArcaOS 5.1 and Windows 11 with UEFI and GPT someday.

--- End quote ---

OK, here it was something I was not expecting that completely change what I thought. Dual Booting ArcaOS and Windows 11 was super easy to me with UEFI and GPT. I tried it here on this forum thread.


Roderick Klein:
As I wrote before. Go back to the eCS 2.2. or 2.1. manual I wrote back then. To some extend it shows the headaches of using MBR support with OS/2 and other operating systems.
Again if you have a working system, well stick to it.

The benefit of GPT discs are the following:
Not stuck any more with disk geometry headaches such as 512 GB, 1 GB or max of 2TB.
It breaks the 2 TB disc barrier with NVMe and AHCI discs.
No more arguments with Airboot and or boot manager.
DLAT sector on the disc is gone.
The LVM drive letter gets stored in a portion of the GPT partition.
So for OS/2 it looks like perfectly presented partition. But on the hard drive its normal GPT partition.
Also because it has its own partition type. If all goes well Windows should not offer to accidently format it.
Remember that NTFS, HPFS and JFS are type 7 on MBR...
You can use just any UEFI boot manager. Yo can even add ArcaOS or AN launcher to Windows boot manager.
With a GPT disc layout you can use just about any normal GPT disc editor.

The GPT limitations are currently:
It seems some Linux distro's at setup delete the LVM drive letter from the GPT partition. They should not do this.

Compared to Airboot the boot is now also determined by the NVRAM variable that is setup. Some systems you need to enter the UEFI firmware
to alter the order.



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