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Touch Screen and Pen support on ArcaOS 5.1.0

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Martin Iturbide:

Now that I was able to install ArcaOS 5.1.0 two machines with touch screen support, I want to see if by any chance I can get support with Wim's drivers.

My first try is with the "Lenovo Miix 510-12ISK".  Since it is dual boot, I had tested with Windows 10 that it has a working touch screen and the Lenovo Thinkpad Active Pen.

I had generated it's PCI hardware report and USB report, but I can find which is the Hardware ID I should include on USBECD. I'm attaching the devices that I see on Windows 10, but the hardwareID is not a regular one. I can only see is a Wacom device.

My plan is to start with Wim's "Thinkpad Yoga12" package, since it' the more brand related.

I want to add:
 DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\USBECD.SYS /D:????:????:???? /N:$FINGER$ /S /V
 DEVICE=C:\OS2\BOOT\USBECD.SYS /D:????:????:???? /N:$STYLUS$ /S /V

But I need to fill up the ????


See this page

Martin Iturbide:

--- Quote from: Joop on September 10, 2023, 11:17:49 pm ---See this page

--- End quote ---

Thanks Joop

I'm reading the page, and I'm leaning to think that my Wacom device on the Lenovo Miix is a COM Device, since I can not find it on pci.exe or lsusb.
According to what I'm reading I need to use "ACPITREE", but I can not find it. I saw an old Alex Taylor post (2014) where he was not able to find ACPITREE, but he found the IRQ looking in Windows, but I don't get where to find that info.


Dave Yeo:
Have you tried rmview? rmview /irq should show the interrupts, rmview /io the ports, rmview /? for help.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Dave

I used  rmview /irq and /io, but I don't understand how to map that data to the PSCOM.SYS driver. (I guess I need to use that PSCOM.SYS)

This is the sample of the site:
(COM1 to access the Wacom Pen at port=200 and irq=4)

But don't know which device is the correct one from the list and how to get those values.



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