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Touch Screen and Pen support on ArcaOS 5.1.0

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Dave Yeo:
Sorry, I was mistaken about rmview, seems to only work with the driver correctly installed. There must be a way as the installer finds com ports during install.

Does it really find all COM ports or only the default COM ports? With a legacy BIOS (CSM), the default COM ports could always be found by looking at the BIOS data area at real address 40:0 (physical address 400). I don't know if that data area still exists in a UEFI system.

Dave Yeo:
At one point, testing, it found this,

--- Code: ---Bus 0 (PCI Express), Device Number 3, Device Function 3
 Vendor 8086h Intel Corporation
 Device 29B7h 82Q35 Express Serial KT Controller

--- End code ---

On a previous computer, resulting in pscom.sys being installed and the boot stopping as pscom.sys couldn't find the port as it was likely part of the Intel management engine and inaccessible. Of course that is using pci.exe and I can't remember if pscom had any arguments. It did result in adding logic in the installer filtering out that controller.
I can't turn off the CSM on this machine to test whether it would find COM 1 (or 2-4 if set that way) and does raise the question whether a pure UEFI machine still has an ISA bus. This one still has the ISA bus with the parallel and serial port on it, it's an old machine.
Hmm, looking at a random testlog from a recent machine on the list, I see,

--- Code: --- Bus 0 (PCI Express), Device Number 22, Device Function 3
 Vendor 8086h Intel Corporation
 Device A363h Cannon Lake PCH Active Management Technology - SOL
 Command 0007h (I/O Access, Memory Access, BusMaster)
 Status 00B0h (Has Capabilities List, Supports 66MHz,
   Supports Back-To-Back Trans., Fast Timing)
 Revision 10h, Header Type 80h, Bus Latency Timer 00h
 Self test 00h (Self test not supported)
 PCI Class Simple Communication, type Serial - 16550
 Subsystem ID 313617AAh Unknown
 Subsystem Vendor 17AAh Lenovo
 Address 0 is an I/O Port : 30A0h
 Address 1 is a Memory Address (0-4GiB) : B123F000h
 System IRQ 19, INT# D
 New Capabilities List Present:
   Message Signalled Interrupt Capability
     MSI is disabled
     MSI function can generate 64-bit addresses
   Power Management Capability, Version 1.2
     Does not support low power State D1 or D2
     Does not support PME# signalling
     Current Power State : D0 (Device operational, no power saving)

--- End code ---

So perhaps all recent machines that have a serial port have PCI ones.
Martin, have you looked at the pci.exe report.

You have a USB device, and I suppose it should be:


(You have not provided enough hardware info that would allow to find out the device release but I think that last parameter of /D is optional)

Andi B.:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on September 12, 2023, 08:12:04 am ---So perhaps all recent machines that have a serial port have PCI ones.

--- End quote ---
This is true for Notebooks, but not for desktop boards. Don't know how much are available but if you look for a standard COM port, they still exist one some motherboards. Sometimes there's only the header on the board and you need to buy a matching cable to get it to the back side of your PC.

I guess what the Intel management engine includes (sometimes it reports itself as Com42:) is something you can't use for anything else then let Intel manage your system. But I'm not an expert here. I only switch IME off on all my systems as much as possible.


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