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Drag and drop printing


Neil Waldhauer:
So, if I have a group of Lotus WordPro files selected, and I drag them to a printer, they print. But they don't seem to print in the order they were in the folder.

If a group of files are dropped on a printer, what determines the order in which the files will print?

I guess, the order in which they were selected. So, if you want to enforce a specific print order, select and add to selection one after the other.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Neil

I haven't connected a printer to ArcaOS in ages, so this is just a wild guess.
If you open the printers as a "Detail View", does the list order of the printer windows complies with the printing order?


Rich Walsh:
The objects are enumerated in the order they appear in the folder _except_ that whichever icon you pointed at and dragged is placed at the top of the list. If objects A B C D are highlighted and you drag C, then the list will be C A B D.

You can test this by opening 'e.exe' then dropping the objects in its window. The f/q path of each will be listed in the order just described.


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