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Warpstock 2023 - Video Streams Donations

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Martin Iturbide:

This year I'm also asking for donations to video stream Warpstock 2023.
Please help me out with this goal.

I need also to test that the button the main page is working, if someone can start with a little donation and let me know if it worked, I will appreciate it.
Check the donate button at the right side of the OS2World main page.


Matt Walsh:
Tried, but couldn't get it to come up on Dooble or Firefox in Arca 5.1.  My internet is a bit flakey under Arca, so I'll try Windows (UGH.)
Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh:
Works under Windows with Chrome browser.  UGH.
Matt W.

Eugene Tucker:
Worked for me.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks you a lot. I confirm it is also working from my side.



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