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arca 5.0.8 can-t bring up internet


R.M. Klippstein:
Tail end of boot this id printed twice followed by @pres enter to continue.
OCTL {SIO CALIFADDR] : Invalid Argument    printed twice!
Iam trying  to get Internet connection but get Server not foung.  Samba works fine.

help   Thanks  klipp

Server works with 3 other boxes on the lan!

Hi klipp

Possibly a routing error... Can only suggest checking tcpip settings

Is the nic driver loading OK?



Andi B.:
\mptn\bin\setup.cmd and \ibmcom\lantran.log may be of interest.

Alex Taylor:
IIRC, that error frequently indicates a routing misconfiguration. I think it can also occur if inadvertently trying to configure the same interface with both static and DHCP settings.

Are you using DHCP or static addressing?


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