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Bernhard Pöttinger:
I want install 'IBM File and Print Services' on an existing ArcaOS installation. Clean, I can add Netbios or Netbios over TCP/IP in MPTS, but what about the rest of that?
Thx bernhard

Alex Taylor:
Computer -> Install/Remove -> Selective Install for Networking

Andi B.:
You can select it from the installer when you start from scratch. Be aware you can't run IBM Peer/LanMan over TCP/IP at the same time with Samba. But you can add in NAPS Netbios only (and not Netbios over TCP/IP). Then it should work side by side with Samba (server and client/ArcaMapper). You also have to take care that \ibmlan\netprog does not come before your unixroot in path. Or rename \ibmlan\netprog\net.exe to f.i. neti.exe.

Bernhard Pöttinger:

--- Quote from: Alex Taylor on September 24, 2023, 03:02:35 pm ---Computer -> Install/Remove -> Selective Install for Networking

--- End quote ---
Everything is greyed out accept of samba server. 'IBM File and Print Client' is greyed out and checked; The Folder IBMLAN has only one File IBMLAM.INI.

Hi Bernhard

Do you already have samba client installed? - You may need to uninstall samba before installing File and Print Client.

Do you have a BootDrive:\IBMLAN directory? If "Yes" you could try installing from  BootDrive:\IBMLAN\INSTALL\LANINST.EXE




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