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Martin Iturbide:

Does anybody has an idea what is this Ruki (Ruki.sys) driver for?
It says its developed by Alex Romanov. It is for OS/2 and it shows it loads on boots, it loads ruki$, but no idea what is for.
Or it is just somekind of demo/sample?

(Please don't try it on a production/critical machine, I don't know what it is)


Dave Yeo:
Demo, sample or a skeleton to be built on. It is small and running strings on it produces little,

--- Code: ---H:\tmp>strings Ruki.sys
.sys 0.01 Device Driver
Copyright (C) 1998 Alex Romanov (2:50340/759)
All R
4s Reserved.

--- End code ---

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Dave !!

Martin Iturbide:

I'm trying to find out if this software runs for you, I get a Japanese error:
- WRUMIN (DBCS-Ruminator) 1.0
- From A.Y.DAYO 
- https://www.vector.co.jp/vpack/browse/person/an023499.html
It's Japanese, it translate as:
- DBCS input assistance utility
- Supports DBCS input in overseas-made applications that cannot input DBCS (full-width characters)

I guess I will put it on "/pub/os2/util/international".


Martin Iturbide:

I don't know what this DOS software is about:
- http://cd.textfiles.com/swextrav4/swextrav4-4/os2utilf/tame21.zip
I found this little description on the internet "Tiny TSR fm Pete Fitzsimmons to Tame OS/2 2.1 by Converting". But I still don't get what it does.



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