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Martin Iturbide:

Any ideas what is this csv_imp exe ? some kind of csv import command line tool?
I can not run it, since it says it requires "WPPERSDB".



--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on March 10, 2024, 03:54:22 pm ---I can not run it, since it says it requires "WPPERSDB".

--- End quote ---

wppersdb.dll seems to be part of "Personal Card Manager" on ecomstation.ru: https://en.ecomstation.ru/projects/wpperson/?action=history
(back in 2013)

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks a lot Tom. It runs now.

--- Quote ---[C:\HOME\DESKTOP\CSV_IMP]csv_imp

CSV to PCM import utility v1.1     (c) cat 2008

start with parameter - path to Thunderbird's CSV file

--- End quote ---

With your hint, I was able to found the website: https://en.ecomstation.ru/projects/wpperson/?action=sync



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