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Hey all,

My ArcaOS 5.1 machine has started to get sluggish. Not sure what I can check. For example, opening Drives takes 10 seconds to show the drives, Firefox takes 30 seconds to open.. etc.

Machine is a Dell Precision T3610:

4 Core XEON E5-1603 @ 2.80 Ghz
500GB 7200 RPM Mechanical Drive in AHCI mode

I turned off all Virtualization in BIOS.

I don't know what to look for, or where to start. Any help is appreciated.

Dave Yeo:
CPU overheating, due to dirt/bad fan/thermal paste going bad? HD dying?


Like Dave I suggest checking for "dust bunnies" in cpu fan as a likely cause.

Another possibility which has caught me out in the past is PSU starting to fail - usually due to overheating/dust buildup.

On the software side it could be worth running cleanini - http://www.os2site.com/sw/util/ini/cleanini55.zip - followed by checkini, part of WPTools, as sometimes sluggish behaviour can be INI file related.
Still worth checking dust buildup inside case and PSU though...



It's clean in there. I cleaned it out 3 months ago. I did a full diagnostic from the built-in Dell diagnostics. All tests passed on thorough mode.. took a few hours.  The mechanical drive is new.

I will check out the INI file cleaner. One idea I thought about was to get a small SSD and install the ArcaOS UEFI version to the SSD and move my system files over to the SSD and use the 500GB as a storage drive.

Hi christech

I moved Windows7, 3 ArcaOS versions (boot drives) and my OS/2 Apps drives from a 1Tb "spinner" to SSD and found systems boot a little quicker and apps load faster.

OTOH: My new system has an NVMe drive and that is much faster than SSD  :-)




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