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How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot

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Rich Walsh:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on October 15, 2023, 01:24:05 am ---Rich, [...] will it be ok to package (add some readme info, etc) your releases and upload them to hobbes?

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the offer, but "No, please don't". The same goes for 'csm2uefi' and other things I may post here.

Most of this stuff was created either in response to a particular user's needs (in this case, yours) or to some short-term need (e.g. csm2uefi), and isn't ready and/or suitable for widespread distribution. When it is (if ever), I will handle the details.

Same goes for me, but for other reasons. After using it myself a couple of times, it turns out that my solution has triggered another problem I was not expecting: dropping objects onto my Assoc Object and having their object class changed will trigger removal and readd of that dropped object in its containing folder (the one it has been dragged from) which also forces it onto the "next free space" in that container.

And if you drop more than one object at once, that will then screw up the WPS because it seemingly gets confused what the "next free space" is which results in a longer block of the WPS. I do not know how to deal with this and I therefore withdrew my posting.

In the end, a batch solution like Rich has now created is the better choice anyways. But maybe Rich can be convinced to auto-select the object target class so that the user does not have to be bothered :-)

Now uploaded to Hobbes, including source code (for those interested).
You should drop everything else and use what I have uploaded.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Lars for uploading it and sharing the source code.


Martin Iturbide:

Sorry if this is crazy talk, or enters more in the real of personal opinion.  Which class do you think is better for a DLL file?

Here I attach a pic of two DLLs one is WPPngDataFile and the other WPPngProgramFile.

I kind of like that DLLs are "WPPngProgramFile" more for DLLs, since it shows the "Module", "Resources" and "Language" tabs with more executable information.



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