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How to change several files "Class Type" in one shot

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Rich Walsh:
Attached is 'oo' v1.15 which now offers a "Become" command.

If you are running AOS, you already have 'oo' v1.10 in x:\sys\bin. Backup that copy (just in case), then replace it with this version. If not, download RWS v0.80 from hobbes, install it, then replace its copy of 'oo' with this one.

The syntax for the new command is:  oo  /B  <file>  <className | file2>

Supply the name of the file or folder to be changed, then specify either the name of the new class _or_ the name of a file or folder that is already the class you want. If successful, 'oo' will change the class, update the '.TYPE' EA as needed, and reset the object to the class' default view.

Run 'oo' with no arguments to get its help screen. Refer to 'oo.txt' for more details (on AOS, it's in 'x:\sys\doc\oo').

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Rich

It works, but only for single files, it does not support wildcards.

Ex:  oo /B aa.bmp WPDataFile
Worked fine

Ex:  oo /B *.bmp WPDataFile
says "'*' and '?' are not supported"


Rich Walsh:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on October 13, 2023, 07:10:23 pm ---It works, but only for single files, it does not support wildcards.

--- End quote ---

oo /+
for %%1 in (*.bmp) do oo /B %%1 WPDataFile
oo /-

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Rich !!!

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Lars

The application also worked fine for me and it is also a keeper for me.
Here it is quick video I made: https://youtu.be/xSMfSpgJp7I

Rich, Lars, will it be ok to package (add some readme info, etc) your releases and upload them to hobbes?



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