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Paul Smedley:
I don't understand how:

--- Code: ---sh.exe: 1: F:Programssambausermod.cmd: not found
--- End code ---
is being called if my smbpasswd  is being used?

You are running smbpasswd.exe directly from a command line, or via the WPS objects from AOS?

Neil Waldhauer:
In my smb.conf, which was generated by SSCC from Samba3, there are several instances of F:\Programs\samba\usermod.cmd

I'm calling from command line. The WPS objects don't currently function well. Command line is easier for me to post.

And it's worth saying -- thanks for looking at this.

Paul Smedley:
Can you try changing the \ to a /
ie F:/Programs/samba/usermod.cmd

Neil Waldhauer:
With the various command files changed to forward slashes "/" in smb.conf, smbpasawd is now running once, then after that trapping.

After a few times trapping, smbpasswd ran without trapping, but smb, nmb and winbind all crash when started.

Paul Smedley:
Can you try removing ALL  old tdb and lock files before trying to restart things?


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