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ArcaOS 5.0 free to use?


apparently, everybody can download the ISO of Arcaos 5.0 from here:


and after that -guess- install and use it.

is that legally allowed ?
Sounds new to me.

Moderator's Note: I had removed the link to avoid problems. Martin.

Roderick Klein:
Its not...


thank you for confirming.

The site appearance/domain do not bring to think it's a piracy repository.

Self-defines  "[....] is a non-profit with a huge mission: Universal Access to All Knowledge. Based in [....], with satellites around the world, [....] staffers are building the digital library of the future - a place where anyone can go to learn and explore our shared human experience from books, web pages, audio, television and software. Forever."

The chief-founder is else than a dark subject, so described in Wikipedia:

"[.......] born [.....] is an American digital librarian,[5] a computer engineer, Internet entrepreneur, and advocate of universal access to all knowledge. In 1996, founded [.....] and co-founded [.....]. In 2012, he was inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame"
Follows his long carrier description and public awards received.


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