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Using a UPS to save SSDs

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Dave Yeo:
I'm using a 2GB Seagate backup slim for backups, it has been fine. The extra speed of a SSD for backup is useless with OS/2 as our USB drivers aren't the fastest, even with USB3.1. I did partition it to about 1/2 GB partitions and formatted with JFS. The big downside is if chkdsk has to run, takes a long time. Best to keep the drive disconnected except when backing up and only partition what you need.

Dave Yeo:
Yes, that was a typo, 2TB HD.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Thus far, I've not been aware of that SATA/NVME issue, so "pass".
--- End quote ---

Check out NVME. It can be your only "disk" in your machine, as long as the machine is new enough to be capable of booting from it. NVME SSD  is a LOT faster than SATA SSD. The cost is comparable.

--- Quote ---Scarily, I've been backing scrappy stuff to a Kingston 1GB USB-2A (Data Traveler II, "migo") bought in 2006 and simply trusting all is well.
--- End quote ---

Well, 1 GB will keep the backup size under control. I don't think you can even get sticks less than 32 GB any more, and they are more expensive than 256 GB sticks. Kingston is one of the netter brands, but if it is from 2006, you are pushing your luck.

--- Quote ---(Re: NAS boxes, PSU quality &c)  NAS boxes I have never dealt with, ditto RAID (other than theory, which suggests a five-way drive setup is Good.  A review on the Net really liked the APC ES700G (NB the 'G' apparently matters).  Further info on an APC site suggested that model would cover my needs, besides having 4x surge-protected sockets + 4x surge- and battery-protected sockets.
--- End quote ---

NAS boxes are useful, if you need one. If you don't know anything about them, you probably don't need one. Same goes for RAID. RAID is not really supported by OS/2, so it is a waste of money. USB enclosures will serve the same purpose, for a simple system configuration.

--- Quote ---Guess: perhaps the symmetrical, doubled-up structure of 3C gives more reliable contact, on top of the higher speed forcing better construction?
--- End quote ---

Almost anything is better than Type A USB connectors (especially when used with USB 3.x).

--- Quote ---Wikipedia article underlines how battery life can be consumed by deep-discharge events.
--- End quote ---

Deep discharge is a killer. You want to be shut down, by the time it gets to about 50%.

Hi Andrew

--- Quote from: Andrew Stephenson on November 07, 2023, 03:27:19 pm ---The printer will sit at the far end of a 5m USB-2 cable...

--- End quote ---

No Wireless capability?
If printer and router are both wireless capable it gives you more options on where to site the printer - and there is no need to go tripping over long USB leads  :-)



Hi Andrew,

Regarding printers, forget long USB cables and get one with a network connection if it needs to be a long way away from the computer.  I have two Brother laser printers, one an all in one unit DCP9020cdw sits nearly 5 metres from my main computer while the other an HL3170cdw is upstairs with my other computers.  Being on the network they can be accessed from anywhere in the house, even the table near the front door for when friends bring something to be printed.

I recommend a laser printer because over time they save money - (no ink to dry out unless they have solved that problem) and all you need is the ppd file and the PSPRINT driver.

My 2 cents worth which may or may not be of help.


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