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VLC - does it play disks?

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David McKenna:
 I have an extensive collection of DVD and Blu-Ray video and music disks, but I can't seem to play the vast majority of them with VLC. Only DVD's of films made before WWII work - presumably not encrypted. Blu-Ray is not even recognized - maybe not supported on our platform? I'm wondering if anyone can use VLC to play an encrypted DVD or Blu-Ray disc?

 I reported this about 5 years ago to KoMH, but he said it worked for him... I've tried 5 or 6 different computers with OS/2 and none have worked for me yet. Maybe just bad luck?


Eugene Tucker:
Sorry Dave but it works for me as well.I did have a problem with it not running at all but now with Libidn.dll it works great.

David McKenna:

 Glad it works for you... do you play DVD's or Blu-Ray or both? Do you have a video card or use the embedded video of your processor? Do you use SNAP or Panorama? I'm trying to figure out what is different about my setups and those that work.


Dave Yeo:
Hi David, Blu-ray won't work, our UDF driver is too old. My DVD player seems to be dying so can't test the latest build, but in the past it always worked. Perhaps move your %HOME%\.dvdcss directory out of the way if you have one.

David McKenna:
Thanks Dave, I kinda thought that might be the case for Blu-Ray. There is no \Home\.dvdcss directory - maybe I'll try adding it. Do you have a video card, or use the embedded video in the processor? SNAP or Panorama? How about do you use OS2AHCI for the DVD drive? Looking for what may be different here...



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