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Rick Smith:

My computer is slow enough that I am able to see a window briefly pop up with system somethings not loading.  Maybe that could shed some light on this issue?  Where can I hunt for system error logs?

Also on another machine restore connections acts differently.  It does not have a connection error at boot it asks for connection password at boot then restores connection.



David Graser:
If using XWP, open the desktop properties page, select the Startup page, and check

Write WPS start.log file

Show WPS classs initialization

At he bottom, you can set an XWP startup folder startup delay in seconds.  I normal install XWP startup folder and move the programs from the regular startup folder to it.

Rick Smith:

it took a bit but I got the tcpip error at boot...



Alex Taylor:
Well, it looks there are two different things going on there. First of all, you clearly have something wrong with your tcpexit.cmd file. No way for me to know what, but probably something is mistyped, or perhaps it's trying to run something in a non-default shell.

Second issue is the failed restore on that connection. Showing the details would tell me more, but I'm pretty sure it's a timing problem related to TCP/IP initialization.

From your description, I'd say the reason you don't see this on the other system is that it prompts you to enter the password before it attempts to restore the connections, and that delay prevents the timing problem.

I've seen this happen occasionally on my own system which uses DHCP, and it's on my TODO list to add some better check logic to the restore routine. However, since no bug reports have submitted on this by any users so far (hint, hint), it has not been near the top of my priorities.

Hi Alex,
I see that about 80% of the time I start my computer but since the computer is on 24/7 for at least a month at a time I don't see it as a big problem.
As you say it appears to be a timing problem because it is the first connection that fails to my two NAS boxes, the second one always connects without problems.


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