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PCem, 86Box etc - other Virtualisations that can start OS/2 as a Guest


Sigurd Fastenrath:
By chance I came across another emulator (a la Virtualbox, Virtual PC, VMWare) on the Internet that can also use OS/2 as a guest.

Here is a link to it: https://www.pcem-emulator.co.uk/status.html

The advantages of this emulator should be:

- Perfect selection from tens of emulated hardware - for example, you can emulate a 386 for OS/2 2.0, or a Voodoo1 for a Windows 98 gaming PC, etc.
- So you have significantly more options to determine the hardware in virtualization,
- For free
- Supports all major operating systems as a guest, up to Windows XP, including OS/2
- In addition to Windows, there is also a host version for Linux.

The configuration should probably be a little more difficult than usual with the other solutions.

I don't have any practical experience yet, but I'll give it a try this weekend.

So I can't make a well-founded judgment yet, but perhaps someone already knows something or has had experience.

Sigurd Fastenrath:
I changed the topic as at os2.org P.R. pointed me to 86box.


To avoid double Posts I will only post updates on this topic at os2.org, unless there are questions here, please look there.

Thank you!

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sigurd.

It would be great if you can post your progress here. I haven't played with 86box or  PCem and I wonder how hard to easy is to make OS/2 run as a guest there.
- Can an empty .OVA or similar can be generated on those programs to have the OS/2 VM Specification preset ?



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