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DOS VDM: WordStar-for-DOS 7c ("WS") and Borland Quattro Pro ("QP")

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Andrew Stephenson:
Reading back through the posts on this topic, I think my query only half-belongs here.  But let's find out...

XXX (an AN UK agent, name coded for his security) was kind enough to sell me a Lenovo M900 m/c along with my Personal Edition of AOS-5.1, which he also installed, all at a low price.  That was a big help.  Now he has flitted off to Warpstock and a USian holiday (hmm, I suppose that'd be "vacation" Over There  :)), so I am on my own.

I was getting along fine with transferring material saved from my dead (NB) eCS-2 setup when bugs began to appear.  Encarta94 transferred to the Win-3.1 session and seemed to run fine.  But my DOS software, on which I very much rely, did not.  Two apps in particular: WordStar-for-DOS 7c ("WS"); and Borland Quattro Pro ("QP").

WS would get as far as its sign-on screen, then freeze; and only a ctl+alt+del with 'R' would break me free.  QP (coincidentally (?) after I ticked the box in "System Setup > Icon Size > Use Custom Icons", discussed in another topic) began by running right, like opening *.WQ1 spreadsheet files properly, then went berserk when I tried flipping through its Properties.  On the "Icon" page, AOS got as far as drawing the page and was about to draw the icon (already displayed right in (eg) directory displays) then froze solid.  Again, only ctl+alt+del would break me loose -- then, after two or three such collapses, even rebooting failed: now, we get to the AN logo on a black background... then the m/c runs and runs and runs, going nowhere.  I left it for over an hour and a half, without joy.

So here is Big Question #1.  I cannot access any logs, by the looks of it, and probably must reinstall.  XXX told me that he had issues with getting DOS and Win-3.1 sessions right; maybe I can use the CONFIG.SYS (and AUTOEXEC.BAT?) that I backed up before the Collapse.  But do these symptoms ring any bells?

Now for Big (BIGGER?) Question #2.  I really rely on WS and QP (see above).  I have a lot of work saved in their formats.  Do I stick with them and wrestle these bugs to the ground?  Or are there solid AOS-friendly apps I can switch to?  I know WS's format quite well; it's the app itself I really like.  Reputedly QP was, er, inspired by Lotus Smartsuite 1-2-3 -- to get the marketing joke, try counting "1-2-3-4" in Spanish) -- with QP's "WQ1" apparently being similar to LS's "WK1".  Only, I never checked.

Anybody feeling inspired?  Please?

Hi Andrew

To try to ascertain where the boot gets stuck: During boot press Alt-F2 when the "OS/2" appears in top left corner of screen. This should show drivers loading and either the driver displayed or the next driver that should load is the likely cause of boot failure.

Having established where boot stops Boot the install media to the Installer gui and select System Management(? think that is what it is called) instead of starting a fresh install. You can then use Text Editor to open old and new config.sys files to compare and adjust as necessary.



Neil Waldhauer:
If you have ArcaOS 5.1, then you still have a software subscription. Go to the Arca Noae website, and open an support incident. Read the Wiki (the link is on the page to file a support incident. Someone will help you through.

If you were not under paid support, I'd be in favor of trying to solve the problem here.

Martin Iturbide:
Hello Andrew

I split your topic on the forum so we can focus on your issue with WordStar-for-DOS 7c ("WS") and Borland Quattro Pro ("QP") under the DOS VDM session.


Hi Andrew,

A little more info please.  Are you trying to use the DOS programs in a full DOS screen or a DOS window?  I ask because I remember from years ago that there were problems using DOS programs in a window but they were OK when used full screen, what you describe sounds very like that.


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