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Has anyone been able to register on I’ve been trying with no luck. Looks like some good stuff over there to check out but no way to register successfully or log in.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi christech.

What is the issue? I can not pass the phone number validation when registering, it says it is not valid.

What is the good stuff you are looking for. If it is freeware/open source/shareware/publicdomain/demo, I would like to have it at hobbes too.

What is this HWP (Hangul 3.0b) ? It looks like a korean word processor.


Yeah I can’t get past the phone number part either. Can’t find any contact info either.

Have you considered that the owner might not be interested in internationalising the site and the programs.

Also do you know any other Korean programmers that you can contact who might help?

That could be. It did have social media logins that don't work anymore.. so who knows..


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