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Rick Smith:

--- Quote from: Dave Yeo on November 27, 2023, 07:47:15 am ---It's part of the coreutils package. I thought it was installed by default, but perhaps not. Possible you have a broken install of it, which can be fixed by reinstalling.
Look in your @unixroot\usr\bin directory to see if it there.

--- End quote ---

I tried through ANPM didnt seem to work.  Is there a way to uninstall and start over?


Neil Waldhauer:
if you have touch, perhaps you also have which? What is the result of

--- Code: ---which touch
--- End code ---


Dave Yeo:
Try "yum reinstall coreutils" on the command line. Report the output.

Gregg Young:

You must be using 4OS2. It has an internal touch command which returns the error you reported. To use the touch.exe from the coreutils use the command touch.exe filename. If you are interested in having the touch command in 4os2 behave like touch.exe put in a feature request at http://trac.netlabs.org/4os2 and I will look at it. Thanks


Alfredo Fernández Díaz:

--- Quote from: Rick Smith on November 26, 2023, 10:11:17 pm ---[...] In linux I would just say touch newfile, then I could nano and edit it.  On Arca I use file commander but I do not see a way to create a file (I could have missed it) [...]
--- End quote ---

I would guess FC does not have an obvious, explicit way to create new files because most of these will be application-specific, so there's basically no point in that. However, your saying "nano and edit it" suggests me that you are trying to create a plain text file, and FC has a built-in text editor indeed. The easiest way you can create such a new file with FC is using Shift+F4. This will prompt you for a filename; type the name of a non-existing file, and the editor will ask you if a new file with that name should be created. Answer Yes, optionally write some text, and exit the editor.

Hope this helps,


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