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David Graser:
One last theme with a lite grey color called Hodgepodge.  It is a mixture of different icons.  The folder idea came from a Linux theme, but I cannot recall the name.

This is a corrected bigicons.txt file.  It can be copied to all themes except for the following:

These themes have their own unique bigicons.txt file.  This fixes the PMVNC icons and the EPM text editor icon. Copy and then restart desktop.

David Graser:
Corrected a couple of errors in the gold setup icons.

Made a gold2 setup icons.

Corrections and changes to the GreenBlack setup icons

copper_metallic system setup icons

A new set of white icons.  there backgrounds are invisible with a white background and show with a colored background.

David Graser:
Revised the golden Matellic2 theme.  Switched to the new goldern2 system setup icons.  Made a few folder corrections.

David Graser:
Call this theme Gun Metal.  Derived from the Gold Metalllic1 theme.

Second pic shows me replacing the grey setup folder icons with the copper.

David Graser:
New theme based on the GreenBlack theme.


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