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David Graser:
One last theme. It is called Haiku, which is the system which follows BEOS operating system.  As always, I had to create or modify icons to work with our system.

Modified the folder icons somewhat from the Haiku operating system.  As you can see, the folders are smaller with the description icons moved further from the folder.  As a result, I decreased the size of the other icons thinking it worked better with this style folder setup.  I did not include some icons believing the default OS/2 icons were adequate enough.

David Graser:
Made a yellowblack theme based on the greenblack theme.  In addition, I changed some of the system setup option icons.

David Graser:
Did a simple folder theme called WhiteBlack.  The folders are simple black and white.  In this theme,, the folders are the only things that are totally black and white.

David Graser:
Forked the original whiteblack theme.  In this version, there are more white and black icons.

David Graser:
Back on page 8, i added white system setup folder icons. 

The icon backgrounds are nearly invisible with a white background and visible with colored backgrounds.  Pics show the differences.


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