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David Graser:
Haiku2 is not a revison of Haiku.

In Haiku2, the folder icons have been made normal size along with a few other changes.

David Graser:
I decided to make very light blue system setup folder  icons.

As always, unzip to temp directory, then copy them to the theme you want to try them in.

David Graser:
Unzip and copy to temporary directory.  Then copy them to the theme you which to replaced its setup icons.  If you do not like, copy one of the other setup folder icons sets to replace theme.

David Graser:
This folder theme is based on the linux Irixium theme.

I only used the folder design and nothing else.   I decided to make this theme because the folder was different.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks David !!! I my mind this is Bill Gates in the trash can  ;D ;D ;D


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