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COM Port Setup

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--- Quote from: Andi B. on December 12, 2023, 07:33:17 am ---
--- Quote ---looked like this:

s*h*o*w* * i*p* * i*n*t* * b*r*i*e*f*
--- End quote ---
Never seen such before. What terminal setting do you have in ZOC? Do you have a DBSC system? What does 'copy anytextfile.txt com1:' produce on the other end?

I've different more than one USB->RS232 converters running here without such strange problems though.

--- End quote ---

9600 8-N-1 with all the default ZoC settings. I read an article that I might be able to program the PL2303 chipset on a Windoze machine with a utility. I'll look into that.

Greg Pringle:
I have a terminal program called "Talkthru for OS/2" which has a decent com ability. I also use ZOC which has some different features. Talkthru is what I use for serial coms and it should correct your problem. You need to fiddle with the speed line settings.

I will look for that program and test it out, thanks!


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