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AOS 5.1 and Windows 7 EFI and legacy - how to dual boot


Doug Clark:
I have a laptop (thinkpad 530) which had AOS 5.0x and Windows 7 installed with Air Boot for switching between the two.  They are both installed on a MBR drive and using legacy bios.  The problem was Win-OS/2 programs did not run in AOS on this machine.

So I "upgraded" to v AOS 5.1. My BIOS has a setting for: UEFI, Legacy, or Both.  I first tried switching the BIOS to both, and installing AOS v 5.1 as an upgrade to my existing system.  That did not fix the Win-OS/2 issue.  So I switched the bios to UEFI only, and performed a new install of AOS 5.1 on top of my existing C: partition - which contained the old AOS 5.0x.  The install program wants a EFI partition and complained about not enough primary partitions - I already had 3: one for the AOS v 5.0x, one I assume for Win 7, and a third for who knows what.  So I deleted the smallest partition (300mb), created an EFI partition and the installation was able to continue.  I did not change the drive from MBR.

And Win-OS/2 now works.  Yeah.

I would like to now be able to boot into my already existing Win7 partition/system.  I am assuming it is the 93MB primary partition that shows up in Simple LVM.

Anybody have any ideas?

Hi Doug

Possibly a read of https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,3425.0.html, aka UEFI: Dual Boot - Windows 11 and ArcaOS 5.1, along with https://www.os2world.com/forum/index.php/topic,3466.msg41660.html#msg41660, aka Booting eCS and MCP under UEFI, will be of help.



Doug Clark:
Thanks for the reply Peter.

I have read them both, and they are for slightly different situations than my issue. The solution turned out to be:

1) Switch BIOS to UEFI only

1) Boot to AOS -

2) Open the Logical Volume Manager - Simple

3) On the menu go to System - Boot Menu - Install/update

4) Select  Air Boot on the drop down for "Boot menu program"

5) Click on Install and reboot

6) Set BIOS to Legacy Only

7) Select Windows 7 on the Air Boot menu.

It boots to Windows.  To boot to AOS

1) switch BIOS to UEFI Only

2) Select AOS from the AN Launcher

Kudos to the AOS team - excellent job. 

See ya at Warpstock

Martin's post ws

Hi Doug

If you need to boot win7 frequently you could consider re-installing win7 in uefi mode. That would cut out the need to use BIOS to switch between modes/os's.




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