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os2world website script problem?

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Hi All

Over the past couple of days I have noticed causes lots of peak cpu activity, far more than usual, to show in Warpcenter cpu monitor - even if all that is open is the homepage.

Is this some sort of runaway script? I ask because cpu activity does not stop when I close os2world and open a different website that I know - and have double checked - does not cause lots of peak cpu activity and only closing the browser (Seamonkey) gets rid of the cpu's peaking - very pretty it is in 12 colours.

I have also run Seamonkey visiting several websites that do not cause cpu peaking, then visited os2world which causes cpu's to start peaking, then closed os2world and revisited previous websites which all now show cpu's peaking.

Anyone else seeing this?



Hmmm... Should have checked what Dooble (qt5) does - no cpu's peaking at all.

Seems to point at a Seamonkey problem but it is a problem that has only just surfaced.

Guess it could be a script from a url blocked in Dooble but allowed by NoScript in Seamonkey...

Any thoughts?



Dave Yeo:
I was noticing similar yesterday (currently on Linux). Wonder if it is another GIF causing the CPU problem.

Dave Yeo:
Pete, try right clicking on the page, choose "View Page Info", it takes a while of 100% cpu to open the page info thingy, choose the media tab, and click the "Block images from" tickbox and see if that fixes the high CPU load.
Then untick it and see if CPU load stays low. Weirdly enough it does stay low here.
There's 7 GIF's, have to test them individually.

Hi Dave

No, "Block images from" makes no difference.

I have attached 2 images showing this cpu activity:

   desktop1a.jpg shows small activity starting seamonkey then opening theartofsound website

   desktop2a.jpg is around a minute later after loading os2world

This continuous cpu peaking only seems to happen with, and continues after leaving the website, hence my suspicion of some sort of runaway script...




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